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Cormar Apollo Plus

Cormar Apollo Plus

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Cormar Carpets best seller Apollo Plus carpet collection is an incredibly good value for money man-made carpet, that has practical features for every household.

Made using Cormars 100% Excellon PP yarn, ensuring a quality pile that performs as good as it looks, with an impressive 10 year wear warranty.

Due to the quality yarn used in the Apollo Plus carpet by Cormar, the Apollo Plus carpet is even 100% bleach cleanable, making everyday stains a peace of cake to get out.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, to the highest standards, the Apollo Plus carpet will stand the test of time, with an impressive heavy domestic rating, making the Apollo Plus carpet by Cormar Carpets even suitable for busy areas such as lounges, hallways, stairs and landings, as well as bedrooms.

Available in 4 metre and 5 metre widths, with a stable Action Backing, the Apollo Plus carpet can be ordered with minimal waste and is very fitter friendly, giving you a superb finish once installed.

With 15 beautiful colours to choose from, with warm shades to cool shades, in solid colours and heathery colours, the Apollo Twist carpet collection gives you plenty of choice.


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